Frequently Asked Questions

You will find answers to all of your most common Battery related questions located here.

NO… When battery cases were made out of natural rubber, this was true. Now, however, battery cases are made of polypropylene or other modern materials that allow a battery to be stored anywhere. A batteries rate of discharge is affected by its construction, its age, and the temperature. The main issue with storing on concrete is that if the battery leaks, the concrete will be damaged.

No, we are a distributor of many of the top branded batteries. We take pride in trying to offer our customers American made products when available.

Most mower and motorcycle batteries today are 12 volts. A quick way to figure out yourself is to count the number of caps or cells the battery has, then multiply by 2 ….example 6 caps X 2 = 12 volt battery. If you are still unsure give us a call at 270-558-5250 and let one of our battery specialist help.

Several factors play into the explanation of the replace every year question. First make sure you are buying a quality product. Second make sure that you are matching the replacement product to at least the original equipment specifications. Thirdly, in seasonal use applications make sure to charge the battery at the first of the season and at the end of the season. If possible use maintainer chargers to keep the charge at the optimal level. If you use these helpful maintenance suggestions you should see above average product life and not have to replace your battery every year.

To rebuild a power tool battery, we remove all of the old cells in the pack and replace them with brand new high quality high capacity cells. We use a dual pulse welder to connect these cells together insuring the same connections that the original battery had. We replace any defective thermistors and put the pack back in your original hull/container. Each rebuild has 6 month warranty on defective cells and a lifetime warranty on any welds. We are currently not rebuilding any LION packs (coming soon).

We do offer discounts based on volume of sales and product type. We do different promotions throughout the year that lowers the cost of products or adds value to the purchase.

The difference between the two is the same as the difference between a sprinter and a marathon runner. The starting battery is composed of several thin plates that delivers its max power possible within 30 seconds. A deep cycle battery is constructed of fewer thick plates that deliverers continuous power of hours of service.

Yes, we install batteries in various applications. We currently do not install batteries in watches or pacemakers.

Yes. All rechargeable batteries non-lead go to a National Recycling Program. Lead Acid and equivalent go to and EPA approved smelter.

Using the correct battery charger is critical in protecting you and your battery. Selecting the correct voltage, charge rate, chemistry (what the battery is made of) and charge time are all variables that must be addressed. Battery charging is a lot like baking bread. Bake the bread to fast and the outside gets hard and the middle is too soft thus wasting your dough. Use the correct temperature for the right time and success! The battery specialist’s at Paducah Battery Supply can guide you to the perfect battery charger for your application.